Mind over data: An Actuarial History

Fellows of the Institute of Actuaries apply mathematical skills and statistical methods to everyday problems involving risk and uncertainty. Laurie Dennett's Mind over Data recounts the history of the Institute, with particular reference to financial stories which have affected all our lives in the last sixty years. The author measures the Institute's reactions to changes wrought by developments in education, the economy and industry, and discusses the origins of recent high-profile issues.

The Institute of Actuaries is in many ways a pioneer. It has forged international links into a network of more than sixty actuarial organisations, united by the International Actuarial Association. To be an actuary is to belong to one of today's most adept and forward-looking professions.

A myriad people rely on the advice of an actuary. Mind over Data will appeal not only to actuaries themselves but also to life insurance companies, pension funds, government, policy makers, other professions, business histories, and economics students. But for all people interested in issues of personal finance, this book lends insight on how well actuaries - collectively vigilant to the data of risk for long-term state, corporate and individual finance provision - have critically informed national debate for change.

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Author: Laurie Dennett

Date published: May 2004

ISBN: 1-85757-082-0

Price: £20.00

UK & Europe p&p: £5.00
ROW p&p: £10

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