An Incredible Journey: The First Story

Click for large imageTwenty years ago no-one would have forecast that a small municipally-owned bus company in the north east of Scotland would go onto become the transport giant that FirstGroup is today.  Now the world's largest public transport operator in private hands, First carries 2.5 billion passengers every year.

Transport journalist martin Helm, the author of 'An Incredible Journey... The First Story', explores how First has grown so far and so fast, settling developments in the context of the political and economic environment in which the company has had to operate.  He looks at how social and demographics changes have shaped travel patters and demand and, most importantly, how relentlessly growing car ownership and use have impacted both on demand and on operations themselves.

But this book is about people too - the men and women who have helped First to become the first it is today.  In particular, it follows the career of the founding chief executive - Sir Moir Lockhead - who has led the company from its birth and created the powerhouse that it is today.

260 x 210mm; hardback version; 216 pages in full colour plus full colour cover.

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Author: Martin Helm

Date published: January 2009

ISBN: 978-1-857570-96-0

Price: 25.00 plus postage and packing