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Author: Mark Clapson
ISBN: 978-1-85757-108-0


FLOTILLA: Worse Things Happen At Sea

Author: Colin Walsh
ISBN: 978-1-85757-105-9


BIMCO Review 2000-2005

Price: £55 to non-members, £38 to members, per copy

bmi the story: Celebrating 70 years in the business of aviation

Author: Penny Olsen
ISBN: 978-1-85757-095-3 (HB)
ISBN: 978-1-85757-098-4 (PB)

Cambridge Entrepreneurs: In the Business of Technology

Author: Lindy Beveridge
ISBN: 1-85757-076-6

Chartered Success, A

Author: Ian Ormes
ISBN: 1-85757-078-2

Education of the Eye, The: The history of the Royal Polytechnic Institution 1838-1881

Author: Brenda Weeden
ISBN: 978-1-85757-097-7

Execution of Mary Queen of Scots, The: An eye witness account by Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton

Author: Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton
ISBN: 978-0-9544748-5-0

Incredible Journey, An: The First Story

Author: Martin Helm
ISBN: 978-1-85757-096-0

Jesus: The Life of a Cambridge College

Editor: Peter Glazebrook
ISBN: 978-1-857570-87-8

Legacy of the Tek Sing, The

Author: Nigel Pickford & Michael Hatcher
ISBN: 1-85757-069-3 (English)
ISBN: 1-85757-070-7 (German)

Mind over Data: An Actuarial History

Author: Laurie Dennett
ISBN: 1-85757-082-0

...of daring temper: A History of The Marine Society

Author: Richard Woodman
ISBN: 0-9525292-2-X

Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye, A

Editor: Anne Ahmed
ISBN: 0-9504261-3-X

RIB, The: The Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Lifeboat

Author: David Sutcliffe
ISBN: 978-1-85757-101-1 (HB)
ISBN: 978-1-85757-103-5 (PB)

Riches and Responsibility: The Financial History of Trinity College, Cambridge

Author: Professor Robert Neild
ISBN: 978-1-85757-093-9


Shadow of the Cathedral, In The: A History of the King's School Ely

Author: Lynne Turner
ISBN: 0-9545799-0-9

Some Sort of Bridge:

Author: Daniel Smith
ISBN: 978-1-85757-102-8


Spencer Stuart: The First Fifty Years

Author: Andrew St George
ISBN: 1-85757-086-3


Towards the Future: Jammu and Kashmir in the 21st Century

Author: Vernon Hewitt
ISBN: 1-85757-077-4


Typhoon Wallem: A personalised chronicle of the Wallem Group Limited

Author: Anthony J. Hardy
ISBN: 1-85757-080-4

Wonderful Thing for Cambridge, A:
The Evelyn Hospital - 1921 to 2003

Author: Sheila Mann
ISBN: 1-85757-085-5

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