A Chartered Success

Cup Final Day in May 1962 saw a milestone more important than Tottenham Hotspur beating Burnley, although it certainly received a lot less publicity.

For while the 22 players were running onto the Wembley pitch, a Lockheed Constellation, proudly bearing the livery of the Luton based Euravia airline, was rapidly approaching Palma Airport, with passengers looking forward to a holiday in the sparkling sunshine of Majorca.

It was the inaugural flight of the airline, which was later renamed Britannia Airways, and which was to become the world's leading holiday airline.

Over those 40 years the airline has seen a wealth of change, development, expansion and, from time to time, setbacks.

A Chartered Success sets about recording those four decades through the memories of airline employees, retirees and those closely involved with Britannia as it grew to become number one in the world.

Their stories provide drama, insight, plenty of humour, and a look at the expertise and knowledge required in every department of the airline, to make sure that for passengers the holiday really does start once they arrive at the airport.

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Author: Ian Ormes

Date published: Aug 2002

ISBN: 1-85757-078-2