Business and Corporate Literature

A huge amount of money can be spent on corporate PR - and can be wasted. Book and brochure projects need creative thought and co-ordinated action. The decision makers need to be involved at the very outset. Our project team includes a designer, editor and project manager who stay with the project from beginning to end. The result is a design which reflects the company's aims, and an understanding is built up which means instinctively moving in the right direction. With 40 years of experience, we know how to tread carefully the diplomatic path between what the Board wants - and what it eventually gets!

Some Examples:

BPC were asked to produce Stolt-Nielsen's company magazine, combining serious articles on major industry issues with internal company news and employee events and activities...

The brief was to
produce a corporate
brochure that would
suit the European
market and all DSFX's
(now Decision Strategies)
European offices, in four languages...