Cambridge Entrepreneurs: In the Business of Technology

Are entrepreneurs born or made by their opportunities and interests? How much does the surrounding environment contribute to their motivation and to their chances of success? All around the world, economists and politicians are interested in establishing an entrepreneurial business climate. The dramatis personae in this desirable scenario are the entrepreneurs themselves.

In recent years Cambridge has become the UK's leading centre for entrepreneurial business, especially in the hi-tech sector. In these profiles a selection of its hi-tech entrepreneurs record their observations on their ambitions when they started out in life, tell us how they came to start their businesses and how they found backing and reveal what they think about the technologies they are pioneering and the problems of addressing worldwide competition.

Lindy Beveridge, an Oxford graduate, has lived in Cambridge since the end of the 1960s. For more than twenty years she has been involved with the local hi-tech industry and with the Cambridge Science Park, mainly in the role of public relations consultant.

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Author: Lindy Beveridge

Date published: April 2001

ISBN: 1-85757-076-6