All organisations, and the CII is no exception, need to monitor their suppliers' costs and services. To have been a supplier for over 20 years is a pretty good indication of competitive quotes and our unique profile as a provider of services.

Our involvement had encompassed co-ordinating the whole production process from receiving raw manuscripts, through to copy-editing, resolving queries and liasing with designers, and to sourcing and controlling the printing process.

Where once we produced thousands of copies of hardback textbooks, now the materials are more likely to be loose-leaf folders originated via docutech, and Print On Demand.

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Claire Siegel - Publications Manager from CII Distance Learning said:

It is obvious that a 20-year-relationship with BPC proves that the company excels in teamwork, good production skills, up-to-date knowledge of print technology and communication skills. Their ability to co-ordinate production stages of sometimes 15 of our titles at a time indicates that they are experts in their field. We look forward to many more years of their invaluable help.