When a company whose own business is surveillance and discretion approached us, they expected us to understand their business - and to show the same discretion. Fortunately, they engaged a professional writer who had previously worked with BPC.

Our studio came up with a design that gave DSFX's (now Decision Strategies) American image a subtle, European angle. Our editorial department worked with the writer to develop the marketing text and co-ordinate the translations. Our project manager managed the production, printing and delivery to meet the demanding schedule.

The result? A well-received brochure, with sensitive information presented in a consistent and attractive way, cleverly adapted to the European market.

At BPC, DSFX (now Decision Strategies) discovered the design, editorial, PR and marketing team they needed. And the discretion.

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Daniela Negri - Marketing Associate from Decision Strategies said:

They do terrific work; I highly recommend them, they are real pros and a pleasure to work with.