Educational and Academic

Electronic Publishing lends itself in particular to the work of academics and those involved in all aspects of education. A decade ago, the minimum quantity of books or journals to be published would have been around 2,000. Today, with print on demand, it can be as little as 100. But there is a vast difference between a printer's MAC operator interpreting a text file for 100 copies of a paperback and the carefully designed and edited copies that reflect an academic's position in the educational hierarchy.

Increasingly, too, academics work outside the frame of educational publishing, very often needing to simply publish a book on their own behalf without the umbrella of a publishing imprint. And many of the newer universities want to establish their own imprint but may remain unaware of the benefits of the new technology and the ease with which this can be done on the web.

BPC was involved with the creation of new university presses, and with the publication of individual works for academics, including some produced under its own imprint, Granta Editions. Services range from producing individual titles, including copy-editing, indexing and origination of complex diagrams, to establishing university editorial boards that enable universities to enjoy the prestige of their own imprint.

Some Examples:

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We provide a complete production service to the Wine and Spirit Education Trust for their text books and study guides, including translation into different languages...

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Having been asked to tender for the publication of the Institute of Education's centennial history, BPC were then consulted on their full publishing programme, to find ways in which it could be expanded without taking on more staff...

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The Chartered Insurance Institute asked BPC to produce a variety of study materials ranging from textbooks and revision cards to software and videos...