An Incredible Journey: The First Story

Click for large imageA company with such a broad range of transport interest, playing such a vital role in the UK's economy, and with an agenda for the 21st Century that is the envy of many international corporates, knows what it wants.

It wasn't our job to argue.

It was our job to produce the right book for completion at the right time.  Having the writing skills of an associate of FirstGroup was a real bonus.  Martin Helm proved to be the professional who could produce the copy on time, with consensus, and unerringly accurate.  It isn't easy to find a journalist with such a profound knowledge of transport - and to pull him out of retirement in France.

We were fortunate, too, with the subject - transport.  And the knighthood of the Chief Executive and Joint Chairman, Sir Moir Lockhead, kept the mutual interest flowing well.

Naturally, there was much discussion over the designs, captions, time charts, fact boxes and the selection of images (hundreds).  A book isn't produced in a day.  Meetings are essential to obtain consensus and approval, and to reinvent where necessary.  It is very rare that a schedule simply plods from one date to another.  Swift reactions are needed when copy cannot be obtained, that essential illustration is back to front, books are needed a month ahead of schedule.

But it was produced in eighteen months by BPC, from concept to completion, and it is a brilliant read.  Our role?  To edit some 35,000 words, incorporate images from hundreds placed on a dedicated ftp site, design chapter by chapter while submitting pages for approval, choose materials and a printer who would be competitive and deliver on time and make sure the books reached their different destinations.

260 x 210mm; hardback version; 216 pages in full colour plus full colour cover.

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Author: Martin Helm

Date published: January 2009

ISBN: 978-1-857570-96-0

Price: 25.00 plus postage and packing

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