Flotilla: Worse Things Happen At Sea

Flotilla: Worse Things Happen At Sea“I larfed and larfed at Flotilla. It is wonderfully funny.”

You don't have to be a sailing buff to get immersed in Flotilla's waters, just want to be entertained and involved, want a book to read on the beach, on the boat, that makes your holiday.

Is Aussie battler Ted Banks any match for that scheming piker, Luigi Giannovi, and his plots to wreck the flotilla? Will the delectable Sally finally submit to the Wagnerian overtures of the lustful Gerhard Felgruber? Will ageing starlet Amy Clawrer dump the miserable Steven and head off into the sunset with the Albanian Crusoe, Oleg Grameshic Dhonia? Did the Warbelows really spot sunken treasure and will Eric get it up? Will Jack Armitage ever learn which way to point that tiller thing?

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGEFlotilla is a book to relax with, a sparkling summer beach read, a riotous winter’s piece of escapism. You don’t have to know, or want to know, anything about sailing - even some of the crews confuse the pointy end with the blunt bit at the back - to find your shrouds shaking at the misadventures of the motley crews in their hired yachts taking a fortnight‘s holiday on the Ionian Sea.

A novel whose aim is to amuse, maybe more than that, make the reader laugh out loud, more embarrassing on a train than a mobile phone. Can be read safely in summer, but sure brightens long winter days.

Go on, feel the sun. Take a holiday yourself for only £6.95 with FLOTILLA, an illustrated gripping saga of the sea with a sagging grip on the basics of sailing.

198 x 129mm; paperback, 256 pages in black and white with full colour cover.

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Author: Colin Walsh

Date published: March 2011

Price: £6.95

ISBN: 978-1-85757-105-9