Granta Editions - The Benefits of an Imprint

BPC's own publishing imprint, Granta Editions, gave a route into the book trade.

With our Granta Editions imprint, we acquired expertise and knowledge of publishing issues, such as copyright protection and legal obligations, expertise now available to you.

On occasions, foreign rights may be a possibility. If so, we can arrange for agents to represent titles to foreign publishers, and our skills and experience in foreign contracts safeguards your interests.

Appropriate publicity and PR, sales and marketing campaigns, and warehousing and distribution can be arranged in conjunction with other suppliers.


Click here for a list of our Granta Edition titles.

Granta Editions titles include:

  • e2v: Celebrating 60 years of bright ideas

  • Good Companions: Wives and Families in the history of the HSBC Group

  • A Wonderful Thing for Cambridge: The Evelyn Hospital

  • Voices of Change: Further Tales from Cable & Wireless

  • Cambridge Entrepreneurs: In the Business of Technology

  • A Sense of Security: 150 Years of Prudential

and also publications for:

  • 7 of the Top Ten London Law Firms

  • schools, universities and other educational establishments

  • and many business histories for blue-chip companies