Guidebooks and Travel

With a plethora of sites on the internet giving detailed information on any destination in the world, to publish a guidebook means offering the advantage of the traditional paperback or hardback over the electronic webpage. But the two can co-exist happily and a guidebook may include, for example, a CD linking it to websites.

Many travel books are sponsored, not just by travel and airline companies but by manufacturers of equipment and hotel groups throughout the world. A free guidebook, for example, left in hotel bedrooms is rarely thrown away yet the unit cost, covered by the booking fee, is relatively little.

You don't have to start from scratch with guidebooks. Many publishers licence copy and illustrations for an agreed fee so that a bespoke guidebook can be produced for any corporate sponsor.

As a promotional gift, a guidebook to London can bear the sponsor's name and copies can be produced tailored for individual clients.

Some Examples:

Over ten years' experience of working with the Imperial War Museum means an instinctive grasp of what is required, an ability to pre-empt problems, and a sensitivity to the needs of such an outstanding institution...