Jesus: The Life of a Cambridge College

With close on forty essays by almost as many authors and over 230 illustrations - featuring both new and archival photography - this book, commissioned by the College, describes what its members know is one of Cambridge's most beautiful, interesting and distinctive places, with a history that pre-dates even the University's. Now the home of a cosmopolitan community of 800 people studying, researching and teaching in one of the world's greatest universities, Jesus College is also the focus of many of their extra-curricular activities - social, sporting, musical and in the arts - and the starting place for many life-long friendships.

The book tells how, generation by generation, its members have contributed to the making of what, though we may often take it for granted, is a remarkable institution, one with strong ties to many parts of the world. It portrays, in words and pictures, the College's physical and historical setting - its foundation within the ruined buildings, and with the exiguous endowments, of a twelfth century nunnery; the treasures acquired over the centuries - archives, manuscripts, books, silver, paintings and sculptures; the famous (and not so famous) people who have studied and taught in it; and their achievements as scholars, scientists and writers. It explains how, after three-and-a-half centuries as one of Cambridge's smaller and poorer colleges, Jesus rapidly expanded, and became much better known - a process in which notable prowess on the river and the sports fields played its part - thereby making possible the College we know.

Most (if not quite all!) aspects of the sixty years of change since the Second World War, when more students have come to the College than throughout all its previous history, are reviewed. There are accounts of a notable group of dons of the 1950s and 1960s; of College staff - porters and bed makers - and of that now extinct species, landladies; of the emergence of a large community of graduate students; and, of course, of the arrival thirty years ago of women as Fellows and students. Both Old Members and Fellows write about the College they encountered (with some trepidation) as freshmen, of their lives as students and those they met here.

Book Production Consultants provided editorial, design, proof reading, production and print services - all overseen by a dedicated project manager.

297 x 255mm; hardback; 320 pages in full colour plus full colour jacket.

Peter Glazebrook, Emeritus Fellow Jesus College, Cambridge said:

Jesus: The Life of a Cambridge College is, on any reckoning, a handsome volume and members and friends of the College have been delighted with it. BPC's superb publishing team - managing editor, book designer, copy editor, proofreaders, production manager - were a pleasure to work with, and not only because they were so keen to ensure that every aspect of the book was absolutely right. They provided its editor (me!) with all the support he could have hoped for.

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Editor: Peter Glazebrook

Date published: 31st October 2007

ISBN: 978-1-857570-87-8

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