Joint Ventures

Some projects are long term and may involve many publications. We are happy to simply work on a one-off project but you may want to have our services on a contract basis for many different types of publications, you may be undertaking a major market launch or considering a contract magazine.

A joint venture with London Transport Museum, for example, produced guides to London which were jointly financed on a shared-profits basis. Budget London, Royal & Historic London, London Breaks and Family London - each including a folded map - were available both in the book trade and through London Transport outlets.

W H Smith and BPC's joint venture, Book Connections, produced own-brand books, on-pack offers, children's' stamp-collecting albums and company histories.

The National Childbirth Trust and BPC's joint venture, NCT Publishing, produced both magazines and books, the latter published by HarperCollins, as well as booklets for TESCO and for NCT classes throughout the UK.

Co-publishing with the Department of Land Economy (University of Cambridge) produced titles under BPC's Granta Editions imprint, including histories of Peterborough and Milton Keynes. A similar venture with the Chartered Insurance Institute made CII titles available through the book trade under the Granta Editions imprint.

For twelve years, BPC and the London Tourist Board (now Visit London) produced mass market guides to London, with BPC providing advertising revenue and all production services, and LTB providing editorial and distribution.

These are just some examples where our services fitted in with the needs of another company or institution. A partner with an input of creative ideas and experience, no worrying about additional staff with publishing skills and expertise, shared aims for the success of the project.

Worth talking about. Worth talking with us.

Some Examples:

The brief was to produce NCT-accredited information in a variety of formats acceptable to expectant mothers and fathers from all backgrounds...



BPC's close working relationship with W H Smith producing own-brand books lead to a joint venture and Book Connections was formed...