The Execution of Mary Queen of Scots: An eye witness account by Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton

Published by The Mount Stuart Trust, the execution of Mary Queen of Scots within the castle of Fotheringhay on the morning of 8 February 1587 is one of the most sensational events in British history. Here - published in full for the first time - is one of the key eyewitness narratives of the execution prepared by Sir Robert Wingfield of Upton for his uncle, the authoritarian Lord Burghley, chief minister of Elizabeth I.

Completed three days after the event it describes, Wingfield's account is a remarkably powerful, immediate and dramatic piece of reportage.

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150 x 190; 40 pages in full colour plus full colour cover.

Mr Andrew McClean - Curator & Archivist, Mount Stuart said:

The level of assistance, help and encouragement offered by BPC from the inception of this project to its completion has been exceptional. All involved have not only been extremely professional throughout but clearly also had a great strength of personal feeling for the book and this always gave one the feeling of working with a company for whom the customer clearly mattered. The design, production and editorial excellence of the company shone through from start to finish. The prospect of publishing a book is a daunting one but the path was smoothed all the way by BPC - I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Author: Sir Robert Wingfield

Date published: May 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9544748-5-0

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