Museums and Galleries

Projects such as art and exhibition catalogues have to be top quality. There can be no compromise. This doesn't necessarily mean an enormous budget but is does mean an enormous amount of care. Knowledge, born of experience, goes without saying.

Catalogues may be based on a particular exhibition, but they can also be the main marketing tool for sales of artifacts. If items are to be sold through a catalogue, they really must look good. There is little point, for example, in trying to produce a catalogue with poor images. While digital technology can be exploited to staggering affect, it cannot disguise the fact if poor images were supplied in the first place.

So our involvement at the outset makes for the successful conclusion, when the catalogue is as impressive as it should be.

Some Examples:

BPC were asked to design and produce a highly illustrated catalogue, in 4 months, to accompany an exhibition opening at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge...


BPC were appointed production advisers and publishing project managers to Royal Collection Enterprises in 1997...