Client: the National Childbirth Trust - Europe's largest charity supporting new parents and parents-to-be.

Brief: to produce NCT-accredited information in a variety of formats acceptable to expectant mothers and fathers from all backgrounds.

Solution: NCT Publishing - National Childbirth Trust expertise joined to BPC publishing know-how.

NCT publishing has brought out award-winning information in the form of booklets and leaflets, hardback and paperback books, periodicals - such as a quarterly members' journal and a bi-monthly bookstall magazine - as well as a recently launched commercial website:

A new project that looks particularly promising is the 150,000-print run free NCT magazine to be distributed to all pregnant women at their first hospital appointment, launched July 2001.

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Belinda Phipps - Chief Executive from National Childbirth Trust said:

As a major charity, our publishing needs are complex and wide-ranging. BPC has always responded swiftly and sensitively to those needs, and with a real understanding of the NCT ethos.