A century of service: The story of NFU Mutual

In 1916, an August insurance journal said about the five-year-old NFU Mutual (then called the Midland Farmers' Mutual) "the company may satisfy some local requirement in the Stratford-upon-Avon district, but we shall be surprised if it makes much progress elsewhere".

A century of service: The story of NFU Mutual relates how that progress elsewhere was delivered, and how NFU Mutual became one of the leading insurance companies in the UK.

BPC was exceptionally privileged to team up with the author, Bill Cooper, who worked for NFU Mutual from 1963 until retiring from the role of Company Secretary in 2002.  For many companies, we appoint the author/writer, but it is definitely a huge advantage to have someone who knows the intricate pathways to completing a history.  And is a pleasure to work with.

It is a cliché to claim that a book is 'lavishly' illustrated but, in this case, it is true and the book can be opened at any double-page spread for the reader to be beguiled by the author's warm writing and pictures that can charm, intrigue and inform.  The deadlines were achieved, although the book of necessity increased in length and, as well as producing and publishing the book, BPC also handled mailing and distribution of the history to many of the NFU's individual recipients as well as their offices and branches throughout the UK. 

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Bill Cooper - former Company Secretary of NFU Mutual said:

I am really, really pleased with it - it's everything I hoped it would be.

I just wanted to say, straighaway, a most sincere thank you to you all for the help and support you've given me on this project from day one.  It couldn't have happened without you!