When did you last dump a book? Even in today's throwaway society, books rarely get binned. So a promotional offer, that keeps the name of the promoter for far longer than a television ad or a newspaper blurb, is the way to impress customers.

Many PR and advertising agencies would like to use books or other publications as promotions, but simply don't know how to do it. We do - and have a team that is happy to work with any client and on behalf of any client. The account manager will have his/her project team in support at any client meeting.

A promotion can be mass-market, or can be a discreet niche publication for a limited number of clients. It can be both: we have produced many titles that provide long run mass-market paperbacks, and very limited-edition leather-bound hardbacks. BPC has also produced projects, from conception to completion, in less than a month. That sudden realisation that an important anniversary is imminent, with inadequate preparation and little commemoration, can be solved within minutes by a call.

Some Examples:

United Sub Sea Services asked BPC to produce a highly illustrated book to tie in with a TV programme, as well some posters, adverts and other media...