In Stolt-Nielsen's case, the solution was a company magazine. Stolten - a glossy magazine that seeks to combine serious articles on major industry issues with internal company news and employee events and activities - is published three times a year and 10,000 copies are distributed across the globe.

With offices throughout the world, international co-ordination is a prerequisite for success. The Stolten Editor works with management to determine content and editorial policy, but relies on the team to copy edit, organise the content and provide a complete design and production service.

Stolt-Nielsen has hands-on involvement with the overall content, but hands-free responsibility for the nitty-gritty and the mechanics of publishing.

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Valerie Lyon - Editor from
Stolt-Nielsen Limited. said:

As a fledgling Editor, BPC held my hand through my first issue of Stolten and, fortunately, has never let go! From design, to editing, to production the BPC team is innovative, professional and totally unfazed by contributors who don't understand the meaning of deadlines. Our happy association produces a magazine that is frequently described as "one of the best of its kind".