Towards the Future: Jammu and Kashmir in the 21st Century

'It is my contention that we are on the brink of quite a major transformation in the affairs of Jammu and Kashmir', Vernon Hewitt.

The beautiful but troubled region of Kashmir is a land of violent conflict - a conflict not to be ignored by the world as the two countries laying claim to it, India and Pakistan, are now nuclear powers.

Towards the Future? Describes the picture in Kashmir as seen by Hewitt, an expert on South Asia, and a lecturer in the Department of Politics at the University of Bristol.

The book analyses the historical and cultural background of modern Kashmir, and the events that led to its present plight. The aim has been to look at the issue from the varied, and often contradictory, positions of India, Pakistan and the Kashmiri people themselves.

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Author: Vernon Hewitt

Date published: Aug 2001

ISBN: 1-85757-077-4