Trade Publishing

BPC project-managed some 2,000 titles for the book publishing trade. Some of these have been series, some have been one-offs, and many of these titles have been complicated.

A publishing company frequently finds that the production department goes into overload. That's when BPC was brought in, to enable the busy production department to offload a number of titles. Such titles may require everything including translation, copy-editing, indexing and design, or may simply require print production in the Far East or any other part of the world.

Authors, dare we say it, can be difficult but rarely have problems with us. We are very good at sticking to tight schedules, keeping authors on track, and making sure that the promised illustrations appear according to schedule. So a publishing house can find additional staff whenever it is needed by simply getting in touch with us. If you are involved with publishing, you will inevitably have been involved with BPC.

Some Examples:

For publisher Palgrave Macmillan, BPC were required to supply our hands on team and speciality services to produce this complex atlas...
BPC were asked to provide a project management team to handle the production needs of international publisher CW Daniels...