Riches and Responsibility: The Financial History of Trinity College, Cambridge

This is a fascinating history, based on extraordinary financial records, of Trinity, the richest college in Britain and the college of Newton, of royalty, of thirty-two Nobel laureates, six English prime ministers and many great names in every field from mathematics to poetry.

Having immersed himself in this archive, Robert Neild, a retired economist, traces the ups and downs of the college's income and expenditure, and looks into the persons, the events and the changes in society behind them.

This scholarly book is written so concisely and with such a light touch that it is a delight to read. It will appeal to the general reader, to historians, to financiers and to those interested in university and college finance.

Book Production Consultants worked closely with the author and provided editing, designing, production and print services and published the book under our publishing imprint, Granta Editions.

234 x 156mm; hardback, 176 pages in black and white with 4 page full colour section and full colour jacket.

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Author: Professor Robert Neild

Date published: June 2008

ISBN: 978-1-85757-093-9

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