UNITED SUB SEA SERVICES - The Legacy of the Tek Sing

This commission focused on a highly illustrated book to tie in with a TV programme, as well as some posters, adverts and aspects of the media coverage.

It involved co-ordinating the activities of a British maritime historian, an Australian salvage company, and a German auction house.

We had to define a publication strategy and carry it out. The only hitch was that the text hadn't yet been written, the photos hadn't been taken, and we had to produce hard copies of the book in both English and German within four months. And commit ourselves to a firm quotation in advance!

No other publishing house could handle the title in the brief amount of time available, although many were approached. BPC said yes.

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Nigel Pickford - Author said:

The production of The Legacy of the Tek Sing, under very difficult circumstances, would not have been possible without the dedication and professionalism of BPC's design, editorial and management team. Everyone there was extremely friendly and competent and they managed to make the whole process of getting the book out in record short time an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

It was a far less painful business than working with the big publishing houses on similar projects. I would happily do another book with them.