Who We Are

BPC's offices up until Feb 2013BPC was established in 1973, the first company in the UK to set up a complete publishing service.

The founders, Colin Walsh and Tony Littlechild, had both worked extensively in book publishing and magazine publishing. They were convinced that there was a considerable market to produce books for companies, institutions, organisations and individuals.

But there was so much confusing technology, so many different skills and so little help that the whole process of getting from A to Z seemed complicated - and unfriendly. Printers spouted technical information about the size of their presses. Designers talked of fonts and type sizes, paper merchants of grammes per square metre. Not just boring - downright off-putting.

BPC's offices up until Feb 2013Many academics in charge of journals simply didn't want to know how the journal was produced. They wanted their papers produced without hassle. Corporations wanting histories, PR agencies wanting promotions, retailers wanting their own brand, they wanted complete publishing services.

So BPC was an immediate success and has produced nearly 10,000 publications. Everything that you can think off. Craft-skilled limited editions. Mass-market on-pack offers. Books in the shape of bottles. CDs and videos inside paperback covers. Pullout maps, slipcases in buckram, holograms for the front cover.

And we're not off-putting. Really. It's not our job to confound you with our technical expertise, our experience in handling some of the most complicated projects imaginable.

BPC's offices up until Feb 2013It's our job to get the best prices and schedules for you, to do what we do best - and allow you to get on with what you do best.

If you don't have time to fill in our email enquiry form, just give us a ring. That's all it takes to access project managers, writers, designers, editors, translators, printers and all the others in the team that will be there to support you and get your project completed.

That's all it takes to realise you have found all the answers you'll need.

(Page images are BPC's headquarters until February 2013)