The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is the largest global provider of qualifications in the fields of wines and spirits.  WSET qualifications are formally recognised by the UK Government and have a strong reputation worldwide. In the 2009/10 academic year, for example, 27,534 students sat a WSET exam with qualifications delivered in 55 countries and in 16 languages. For further information please visit:

The task is to provide production and publishing support services for whatever is required to assist with the creation and updating of the text books that accompany the courses. Over the years, considerable shared experience has lead to a needed flexibility in schedules, an instinctive response to the needs of specialised language versions, and an intuitive approach to maintaining accuracy in all books across all languages.

The team liaising with the WSET team is Pete Dolton, the designer who fits it all together (including languages that read backwards), Debbie Wayment, the team manager who analyses all the costs, estimates, projections, print and materials purchasing and schedules, and Ros Horton who co-ordinates all the editorial changes. The texts, of necessity, are detailed and complex and, over the years, the combined experienced of BPC and WSET enables many pitfalls to be avoided, and many successes to be achieved.

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